Lição Fundamental na Dualidade

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Fundamental Lessons
in Duality
– by Richard Bartlett, DC, ND
Quotes from Richard Bartlett
– 3 –
Adapted from The Physics of Miracles:
Tapping Into the Field of Consciousness
Potential, ©2009, Atria Books/Beyond
You are consciousness. That is
what you are. You have chosen to
manifest the patterns of information
that appear in your personal reality
in the form of conditions, structures,
families, or finances. At some level,
you have chosen everything in your
life. Sometimes we choose by not
choosing. All too often, some of us
choose by being in polarity with what
we do not want. If we do not want to
develop a state of disease, what do
we do? We eat right for our health.
There is a hidden bomb in that
concept, isn’t there? If you eat right for
your health, what might you be doing?
At one level, you are eating to stave
off disease.
If you are eating healthy foods in
order to prevent disease, you are
in an unconscious relationship with
what you fear. If you are trying to
prevent your cholesterol numbers
from going up, you are in a struggle
with cholesterol. If you are taking
aspirin to prevent a heart attack or a
stroke, you are in an unconscious and
uncomfortable relationship with all of
those things. You are in a paired spin
with what you don’t want. In such a
configuration, if your fears spin up,
your health can spiral down. When
did “An apple a day keeps the doctor
away” become “An aspirin a day keeps
the doctor away?” Don’t buy into all
of the medical statistics so completely
that you become one!
It is one thing to eat in a way that
benefits you because you feel good
when you do it. And eating in this
manner might coexist with certain
principles of eating right for your
health. Your personal needs and your
energy, coupled with your beliefs,
define what being healthy means
for you. This is why diet is such an
individual thing. A person can eat only
bacon, lose weight, have a healthy
heart, and have their insulin levels
go down. That diet might actually
represent good biochemistry for them.
Another person could eat only raw
salads and do just as well without any
other kinds of food. A person from
a different planet might consume
only raw sunlight and be full of light
and energy! However you decide to
eat should be congruent with your
personal and cultural references for
what is healthy for you.
Health and disease as mandated
structures and norms are a bad idea.
As I’ve already suggested, when
you are “eating right for your health,”
you might, unconsciously, be in a
relationship to, and a polarity with,
disease. Bacon could be really great
for your arteries. “All right Doctor, if
you say so!” No, only if you say so!
You can say, “I love you bacon,” and
it could be just fine to eat it. I am
being semi-serious. As a physician
I strongly suspect that much of the
nutritional research out there is
questionable at best. Much of the
so-called health research is actually
sponsored and paid for by huge
corporate conglomerates, including
the pharmaceutical giants.
When the research generates data
other than what is desired by these
companies, it can sometimes become
buried. If a study conflicts with the
financial bottom line of the corporate
entity, a new study will quickly be
undertaken to shift the outcome in
favor of the product to be marketed. As
the villain in the Indiana Jones movie
The Last Crusade stated, “I said to
trust no one, Dr. Jones, not even me.”
The problem is that if enough people
believe a stated conclusion, it then
becomes a reality for those ideas that
fall into that particular box. That is why
I say there is a surprise in each box.
What particular box of beliefs have
you built around yourself, or allowed
others to construct for you?
Do not do something just because
the experts tell you to do it. Do it
because in the moment it feels right
and supports your physiology. Do it if it
supports your need or belief system as
it is showing up in the moment. Do you
hear the flexibility in that?
Richard Bartlett, DC, ND, is founder of
Matrix Energetics, which C. Norman
Shealy calls, “the essence of energy
medicine.” A chiropractor and naturopath,
Bartlett travels extensively to teach
this groundbreaking consciousness
technology each year. He is the author of
Matrix Energetics, The Matrix Energetics
Experience, and the newly published The
Physics of Miracles. For more information
about Matrix Energetics, visit the website


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